Concrete mixing station standard configuration: Mixer, ingredients warehouse, cement silo, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, control systems and other components. Common equipment for mixing station china 12m3 dasion concrete mixer truckmaster twin-shaft compulsory mixer. In the equipment installation and commissioning process should comply with the following 8:00: 1, the installation process is prohibited bin body tilt, leg deformation. 2, the bottom leg and welding firm foundation embedded parts. 3, good wind, lightning work. 4, is strictly prohibited strong impact legs and body positions. 5, regular inspection of cement dust bag attached to the case, the timely liquidation. 6, the foundation must be strong, in line with the architectural design specifications. 7, once blocked the bag, the warehouse dasion 4×2 3cbm concrete mixer truckwarehouse roof pressure exceeds the safety pressure relief valve pressure, the pressure relief valve to open the inner pressure release warehouse, warehouse explosion prevent accidents. 8, when the cement silo (cement tank) should be made by special crane to erect and then placed in advance prefabricated concrete foundation, and check the cement silo (cement tank) erected after the vertical and horizontal degrees and then at the bottom of the foundation embedded parts welding firm.  What is a self-loading mixer, self-loading mixer is a model of the first mixer. Since the fall mixer, also known as free-fall mixing hungry. That is when the production of materials by way of a free-fall mixer. Since the fall mixer in use, easy operation, maintenance is relatively easy to adapt to the use of decentralized or centralized site.     After the operation, the mixing drum rotation about its horizontal axis, adding mix barrel material, the blade is lifted to a certain height, by weight fall, this cycle of movement, to achieve uniform mixing effect. Fall-from simple structural concrete mixer, generally stirred plasticity and half plastic concrete based. . However, there are also some disadvantages. In use, it dasion 6×4 10cbm concrete mixer truckrequires a lot of labor to coordinate delivery of materials, the discharge time is longer. Mixing drum cleaning more difficult.     Before the new machine should be in accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixer instructions for use of the systems and components necessary itemized inspection and commissioning. Empty running, check the direction of rotation of the mixing tube or stirring the leaves, the operation of the working device, brake, confirmed normal before operation.